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Our dedicated Goldsmith has been creating and repairing jewellery for over 40 years using traditional techniques and skills.



We offer a reliable repairs service with our local goldsmith, who is experienced working with all types of metal, gemstones & pearls.


Rhodium plating

Freshen up your white gold jewellery with rhodium re-plating - your jewellery will gleam like new! 

From £45



We can clean and re-string your pearls. It is recommended that to avoid breakage, you re-string your regularly worn pearls every 12 to 18 months and less frequently worn pearls every 24 months.

Clean & polish

Clean & Polish

Bring your old rings in for a refresh.  We can clean and polish them to make them look their best. 

For just £15 per item.

Ring resize

Ring Resizing

We will resize your rings to make them smaller or larger to fit your fingers. If needed, we can add stabiliser beads to the inside of your rings to prevent them from swivelling - this can be especially helpful if your fingers fluctuate in size!



Come in for a free jewellery check to ensure that your gemstones are secure. We recommend doing this once a year; don't wait for your diamonds to drop out!


Jewellery Valuation

We use The Guild of Valuers who are fully accredited and provide a detailed report and valuation. A single item valuation costs £68 - further items are £55 each.

search & find

Search & Find

If we haven’t got what you’re looking for, we will try and find one for you!


Bespoke &


We can help you create your own jewellery - either a new item or perhaps using older or inherited jewellery that you do not wear. We are able to use CAD design services when required.



Personalise jewellery for yourself or a loved one with a special message.

Ear piercing

Ear Piercing

By appointment have your ears pierced by our trained team; we use the Studex 75 system. This is a very accurate, gentle system of ear piercing and is considered to be the industry gold standard. Prices start from £22 for the studs, piercing and after-care lotion.

ring cutting.png

Emergency ring removal 

For a small charge we offer a ring cutting service. Please telephone to make an appointment.






Usually to be found beavering away behind the scenes we thought that it would be nice to introduce you to David, our much loved and exceptionally talented Goldsmith.  

David works mostly with silver, gold & platinum, but has also been known to repair brass and most other metals that one could think of!

Semi retired, David works exclusively for Oliver & J carrying out jewellery repairs, ring resizing, restringing of pearls, remodeling work and creating beautiful bespoke pieces for our lovely customers. 


Free UK delivery over £50

0% Interest free credit over £250

Award Winning Jewellers 

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